Intuitive Readings by Linda



With the help from my Primary Spirit Guide and my Akashic Record's Guide, I remotely perform your reading in a meditative state in my spiritual room.  I use your birth information to pull your chart from the Universal Akashic Records which connects me to your unique spirt/soul channel.  It is here where I can meet your Spirit Guide to ask questions on your behalf and hear messages specifically for you.

We have all been assigned a Primary Spirit Guide from before we are born and this one guide is with us from birth until we cross back over.  We have soul contracts with this Guide and it is their job to be with us as a guide/mentor in this incarnation.  I have been blessed with the ability to speak with this guide on your behalf.

During the meditation, I usually receive message from other guides and angels that are helping you through a particular situation.  I record all of this information in a detailed report (usually 6 - 8 pages in length) and send to you by email.  After you have received the report and digested the information, we will schedule a phone call to discuss the reading in more detail.

For the Full Intuitive Reading, please email me ( the following information:

-Your full name

-Your birth information - date, time, and place (city, state, country)

-One to three detailed questions that you want answers to

-A picture of yourself where I can see your eyes

Cost $150