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Remote Reiki and Chakra Clearing Group Sessions --


This service is a remote group Reiki and Chakra Clearing session. Using the distance healing symbol of Reiki, I will energetically connect to everyone that has given me their information for the connection and then give a general Reiki session and clear all of our Chakras. I utilize my Reiki degrees for the session and I add the benefits of the HALO photonic/herbal light system to intensify the healing.  This will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and is done evey Monday night at 10pm EST.
This process is very powerful, since all of our energies will be combined on a higher level during the session. From my experience, the more people in the group clearing – the higher the energy level we can generate to help all of us. Before the clearing, I set my intention to send a connection with your energy center to the Universe – where I join all of our energies for a more powerful clearing/healing. I work on your energy centers (combined) in this Universe connection to clear your Chakras and send gentle loving Reiki energy healing to each of you. With the combination of positive energies in the Universe connection, the healing is more powerful. After the session, I set the intention for the powerful energy of the group to come back into your own space. This way, you do not absorb anyone else’s energies. (You have enough issues on your own – right?!).

Since the intention is set that each of you receives the clearing while you are sleeping the night of the session, the time I actually do the clearing session is not relevant. I will have people in a lot of different time zones and a few from other countries.

Clients have asked, "What can I expect to feel from the sessions?" "And what benefits will I receive?"  The answers are as varied as each individual who participates.  Everyone is on a journey to find peace, love and happiness in this life cycle.  Everyone is in a different place on this journey.  With your mind, body and spirit cleared of negative energies (through Reiki and the HALO), you could notice a variety of results:  clearer visions of where you want to go and what you are doing now, less illness, creative ideas flowing to you, heightened awareness of yourself and your body, healthier, more caring and loving, attracting loving people to you, etc...You'll be amazed at how much better you will feel, physically & emotionally.

You can learn more about the HALO system that I use at: under Products.

I will need you to email me your full name and the city and state where you live in order for me to energentically connect to you for the session.  (

Cost for one month:  $25  Once you pay for one month, you will receive a second month free.  My gift to you for signing up for the sessions.




Cost for 1 year:  $250 (savings of $50) 




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