Intuitive Readings by Linda



This service is a 45 minute personalized Reiki session concentrating on blocks in your energy field and your Chakras corresponding to issues/illnesses that you are experiencing.  Your issues may be physical or mental -- with either one, the Reiki session can remove blocks and help your body/mind heal.  This session is performed remotely while you are sleeping to achieve the best "remote" connection to your energy channel. 

A detailed report will be emailed to you after the session to explain what blocks were found and cleared.  You will awake refreshed, calm, and ready to face the challenges you are experiencing.  With severe problems, it may take several sessions to get all of your blocks removed. 

To schedule your session, email with your name, birth date (day, month, year) and the city, state country you are located in and a general description of the issues you are experiening.


COST:  $75  per session